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are these cards legit? not in the beckett database.
to clarify its the ones with the blank back #1/1 with the holograms
It is a 1/1. Topps apparently uses them to make some extra money since people love 1/1's.
yea they sale most of them on an ebay account now...they come with a certificate and everything.

I guess they technically are 1/1s but they are just base cards with only the front printed.
You can usually pick them up wayyy cheaper that 1/1s that are actually listed in the set.
Yes tops vault cards are legit and they sell a number of different items, all of them usually very rare
they are pretty cool 1/1's...Smile
good deal then. found a bunch of redskins ones they were selling for cheap i was a little sketchy about it
I bought this last week. I already had the card.

[Image: phonenov2011156.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011154.jpg]
thats pretty awesome!
[Image: IMG-19.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0003-13.jpg]

They are legit, I've picked up quite a few myself
It seems like they are cool for the PC, but I don't seem them as trade bait
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