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[Image: phonenov2011172.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011171.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011170.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011169.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011168.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011167.jpg]
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[Image: phonenov2011163.jpg]

[Image: phonenov2011162.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011161.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011160.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011159.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011158.jpg]
[Image: phonenov2011157.jpg]
very nice!
Very very nice. I too am a Giants fan, but only have a few rc cards of Jason. Congrats on all the very nice autos.
Pierre Paul is a BEAST!!! I am proud to say he was my first defensive player drafted in my fantasy league, and I know people were syaing WTF, but haha, he's killing it! I have a 2010 Limited auto of him, but I am going to end up getting his Five Star auto because it just looks so awesome!

Congrats, you got a real nice set going there. Best of luck into the future with it!
Great looking graded cards. Some really nice gold labels there.
Thanks for the complements!!!
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