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Here are the results...FT/FS looking for Penguins only in return:

[Image: scan0001-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0020-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0021-1.jpg]
[Image: scan0040.jpg]

great pulls congrats
Nice pulls but no Crosby YG Auto Buyback...shame on you ;-)
Sweet stuff
Not the worst break out there, the clear-cut is cool, and your RC's aren't bad, a couple solid players there.
Let me know if I've got anything for the Horton jersey and Chara canvas parallel. Thanks!
Not too shabby a break! It's always nice to hit a "case hit" in a box. If you are trading that nash, i would be interested.

You know I want that Backstrom. lol. Great break!
Really want the Couturier yg and could use the Giroux jersey. No pens traders now but im busting 4 ud and 1 score boxes tomorrow so i will let u know if i pull any pens
i'll get in line for the Couturier and Giroux. i may have a penguin or two you can use.
Just pulled today from 11/12 Score these 3 pens

Sidney Crosby Score B
Sidney Crosby Glossy
Joe Vitale RC

shoot me a pm if interested
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