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So I took 6 boxes, another guy took 4 and last guy took 2:

I got:

1 Nugent Hopkins
2 Landeskogs
2 Zibanejads
1 Couturier
1 Schiefele
1 Chicago Blackhawks (Toews and Kane) Clear Cut /25

1 Nugent-Hopkins Young Gun UD Exclusive /100

Buddy 2 pulled the YG checklist Exclusive AND UD Hockey Heroes Gordie Howe Hard signed 9/15 (even hit his number!)

Buddy 3 with only 2 boxes hit a Messier Clear Cut /100 and managed to nab the other Nugent-Hopkins YG

We've been doing the case split for probably 5 years and this was BY FAR our best result. Thoughts?
I think that was a great group break. Some of the other posts I have seen haven't been as good as yours. Congrats on your break.
wow just wow!!!!

everyone very well congrats
nice hits congrats!!!

Id be interested in any Penguins Canvas Cards

Can I have a Landeskog? lol
Great break! I'd be interested in the Kane/Toews if it is FT.
I think after seeing this rippinwax's jury will comeback with a bad result
Nice stuff
Some very nice hits indeed! The RNH Exclusives should bring you some nice stuff!

Is the Couturier for trade? If so what u looking for
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