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What I cant move by tomorrow night is going to the bay. Here is what I have. Please let me know if something isnt in my org. I am looking for HOF rookies I dont have, HOF autos, and HOF vintage. Everything is NM/MT unless otherwise specified.

1989 Fleer Griffey X4
1989 Bowman Griffey X3
1989 Scoremasters Griffey X2
1989 Topps Traded X1
1989 Donruss "Rookies" Griffey X9
1989 Donruss Griffey X11
1989 Score Traded Griffey X2
1987 Donruss Maddux X2
1987 Donruss "Rookies" Maddux X17 (most but not all are NM/MT)
1986 Fleer Update Bonds X3
1986 Topps Traded Bonds X2
1987 Leaf Bonds X4
1987 Donruss Bonds X6
1987 Topps Bonds X2
1987 Leaf McGwire X4
1987 Fleer Update McGwire X1
1987 Donruss "Rookies" McGwire X8 (Most but not all NM/MT)
1983 Topps Sandberg X1
1985 Donruss Clemens X1
1989 Upper Deck Smoltz X13
1989 Donruss Randy Johnson X24
1989 Donruss "Rookies" Randy Johnson X11
1989 Upper Deck Randy Johnson X11
check me for the Maddux, Clemens, and Smoltz RCs.
one time bump... they hit the bay tomorrow.
Check me, I'm always interested in RCs from when I started collecting. Cheers.
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