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After a stressful day of work, I popped in at the local news shop to buy some packs, and standing at the counter is a younger guy chatting with the girl at the counter about hockey. She couldn't possibly care any less, but she wants him to leave so badly that she's letting him pick his packs out of a fresh box, rather than buy the one left in the previous box. He buys one pack at a time, while I'm standing there waiting, and I want to punch him in the head, because he's not only wasting precious moments of my life, but picking the packs up and searching them. Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I watched him in action, as he pulled the following cards from his fresh box of Artifacts...
1. No-name RC.
2. Star.
3. Legend.
4. Another No-name RC.
5. Yet another no-name rookie's emerald parallel.
At this point I'm dying on the inside because he's buying one at a time, and at this point he's got $12 left on the counter. He throws down and buys one more, which contains the dual jersey card of a player I couldn't possibly remember, because I was laughing aloud at this point, and in a huff, he walked out of the store cursing Upper Deck, the store, Artifacts, me, and hockey in general. I came to buy a box of Series 1, but they hadn't gotten in their shipment yet, and knowing that there were at least three solid hits left in those four remaining packs, I immediately bought them. This guy was good. I mean, he meticulously felt each pack, weighing them in his hands, like he was a wizard or something, willing the cards to be good, and still the end result was bloody hilarious.

Anyway, long story short, here, in the order I opened them, are the four hits from Captain Touchy-Feely's magical box of Artifacts...

First pack, a Richard Bachman AutoFacts. My 2nd copy, so I just used the scan of the other one, they're both similar, but hey, not bad.
[Image: 11-12ArtifactsAutofacts-RichardBachman.jpg]

Behind door #2, a nice Thomas Vanek Frozen Artifacts dual jersey...

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsFrozenArtifacts-ThomasVanek.jpg]

There's no need for a scan on the contents of pack three, as it was a Devils RC redemption, and they all pretty much look the same.

And finally, pack number four had this little beauty in it...

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsTundraTandemsEmeraldPatche...Cleary.jpg]

A Pavel Datsyuk/Dan Cleary Tundra Tandems dual emerald patch, and would you take a look at those patches my friends!!! Nice!!!

Keeping in mind my stellar record for pulling sweet cards when applying the "last pack in the box" rule, guess who's buying the last pack of Artifacts from the box that went unsearched?!?! This guy!!! And what popped out of the lonely remaining pack?

[Image: 11-12ArtifactsEmeraldBaseJerseyandPatch-...emieux.jpg]

Lady luck, thanks for the date, it was fun, and we simply must do it again some time soon! I got a hard time from the wife about buying cards, but she cooled off when I explained that I bought them all with my $50 in winnings from a $2 lottery scratch ticket that I bought with the change from my morning coffee on the way into work. My date with lady luck started super early!

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant, and checking out my hits, everything here will be available for trade for Neely and Ovechkin cards that I need.

That is too awesome. Congrats and serves him right! lol.
Awesome hits!
hahaha too good in aussie terms for the other guy "sucked in mate"!
That is a great story! Nice hits too!
great hits congrats

i guess it was well worth the wait
Thats what ya get for pack searching! haahaha nice hits! I'd be interested in the vanek. pm me please!
Awesome pulls and an equally awesome post, nice work BruinsFan08
What a great story with lady luck. Awesome pulls out of the remaining packs.
Great story and very nice hits.
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