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I have a 750 Count Box of 2010 Ginter, 2011 Ginter, 2011 Bowman Platinum, 2011 Lineage, 2010 Topps Chrome, etc., Obak

The cards in here are a result of countless blasters. This box is mostly base, but also has 60 Refractors of some sort. Bowman Platinum Green, gold, x, purple. Topps Chrome Orange, Lineage Diamond Anniversary etc. also has a bunch of 2010 Ginter and 2011 Ginter minis and subsets.

$30 PP gets it shipped to you. I am not sure on the players but if you need to know if a certain player is in there just ask, but they are mostly commons. I pulled out any thing that booked over $5 except for some of the refractors, and minis.

There is probably enough Platinum base to get you 75% through the set.
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