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Just got done scanning and organizing some cards, and I think everything has been scanned and added. If there's something in the bucket not in the org that you're interested in, or something in the org but not the bucket, let me know and I'll make sure to fix that. Thanks for looking, and let's make some trades!
(11-07-2011 11:45 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]PM SENT

Offer sent, thanks
Hi Marc, I'm interested in these:

Liriano A&G Silk
Mauer Leather nameplate
2011 Topps Chrome Revere auto
2011 Topps Blyleven Diamond Anniversary
2011 Finest Mauer refractor
2011 Bowman Platinum Morneau Gold
2001 Bowman Morneau RC

I don't have any of the players in your want list, but I have some Cardinals GU and Autos you might be interesting in, as well as other stuff. If you want to take a look at my bucket in the FOR TRADE section, everything is pictured.
Pm me a price for the Hoffman and Latos
please cmb for these
liriano silk
mauer nameplate
revere auto

thank you
Can you check me for the Newhouser patch? thanks
trade sent
offer sent
I'm interested in some of your A&G relics, and maybe the Murray Lineage. Take a look at my trade bucket (doesn't have everything) link below, or my ORG.

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