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I have no idea what this Frank Thomas card is.

It says "very best wishes" on the front with a printed signature of Thomas.

It says 2003 Leaf and Donruss on the back. The back is brown and blank except for the words checklist legend code and the number 15 at the top. I am lost. It is possible it is from 2004 but I can't find anything on it.

Any help would be appreciated. Here are the scans:


I have a few of those but mine are numbered
Mine are too. These are from 2003 Leaf. Arod and a lot of players were part of this set. Can't remember set name though
I am sure I could help you if I could really see the card. The pictures bad though.
2004 Leaf Exhibits 1939-46 Very Best Wishes, that's the best I can figure it is. Just looked up "Frank Thomas Leaf 15" in the price guide and that came up.
That makes sense. Thanks a lot.
It is one of these two I believe.

2004 Leaf Exhibits 1939-46 Very Best Wishes Left Second Edition #15 Frank Thomas

2004 Leaf Exhibits 1939-46 Very Best Wishes Right Second Edition #15 Frank Thomas
I posted that right after I posted my last statement but then my damn power went out from the storm so you never saw it man. Sorry!
Thanks a lot for the help!
heres the originals of that card
Very cool. Those originals were sweet.

I had this card for years and never realized what it was. I think I have one more of another player that I have to find.
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