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Full Version: Organize problem
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Every time I add a card into a new collection in my organize, the card doesn't show up in the new collection. I have to add it a second time in order for the card to appear.

I don't have any problems adding new cards into old collections. The problem only occurs when I start a new collection.

This really slows down my organizing.
are you using the same tab?

from my experience: i use a two tab system - 1 for opg, 1 for org. when i create a new collection in my org tab, i have to refresh my opg tab after creating the new collection

also, there has been an error popping up over the past couple days when you create a collection, saying it hasnt been created. it actually has, you just have to refresh the org tab

hope that helps
The collection appears but the card doesn't. Even when you refresh. Even if you logout and log back in. You have to add the card a second time to enter it into the new collection.
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