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I have a card I would like to give away.
Here are the rules of the contest.
Post 1 card that you wish you still had.
That one card that you sold/traded that you would love to have back.

The winner will have a card sent their way.

Just post your heartbreaks.
two of my favorite patches ive had
this /5
[Image: IMG00655-20110122-1118.jpg]
/25 dirty
[Image: IMG00174-20110408-1802.jpg]
[Image: IMG00233-20110421-1245.jpg]
i also wish i would have held onto this a little longer sell it for more
[Image: IMG00258-20110429-1536.jpg]
(11-06-2011 02:11 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]two of my favorite patches ive had
this /5
[Image: IMG00655-20110122-1118.jpg]

Sweet patch!
[Image: portisfront.jpg][Image: portisback.jpg]

I miss this soooo much
I really miss these two:

[Image: AUFinley.jpg]

[Image: GUCalvinJohnson.jpg]

Also I don't have a picture of it but, I pulled a Eli Manning SP Authentic Auto Patch RC, but sold it after Super Bowl 42. Sickest card I ever pulled I wish I never sold it.
I dont have a pic of it, but back in 2001 working at K-mart while I was a senior in high school, I had enough change in my pocket one day on break to buy a pack of cards. Picked a single pack of 2001 Upper Deck, and pulled a multi colored Ken Griffey Jr patch, I think the odds at that time were 1 in 2500 or 7500 in retail I cant really remember. Anyways traded it for a box of 2001 SP Legendary cuts baseball, still sick about it to this day!!
This is the only one I wish I still had. I sold it out of spite because he beat my Ducks in the NCG last year.

[Image: scan0075.jpg]
The card I wish I still had is a baseball card. It was a Fleer Patchworks Logoman Patch 1/1! There is just something about those NFL or MLB Logo patches that I really like. I did well trading it. I picked up a Lou Brock Absolute Mem. Auto Patch 4/5, another Lou Brock auto and $250 cash.

Thanks for the contest.

Mine would be my Danny Woodhead auto even though it was HIT. Also my Suh dual patch auto and [Image: 8-23-201180121PM.jpg]
[Image: JimmyGraham.jpg]

Bought her for 25 way back, sold for 30 way back, now they sell for 75. AHHHH
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