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I called the ONLY card store that I know of in the area (mine old store closed earlier this year) looking for some of the new Score that I heard came out last year. I wanted ot pick up a box and they said they havent gotten any yet at all. Now I figured that may be the case and I also feel like I would end up paying too much if they did. Now the point of my post is... ARE THERE ANY CARD STORES IN WESTERN WAYNE COUNTY IN MICHIGAN ANYMORE? I just want a box of that stuff and don't want to get raked over the coals, you know?

Any and ALL feedback would be great. I would love if I could take a lunch break and pick up some stuff today.
I live up in Flint and there is only two stores within a half hour drive of me. The one in Birch Run is a farther drive but a better store than the one in Grand Blanc. It's getting harder and harder to find good stores. I keep thinking about going to down to the Detroit area sometime to check out other stores just to see something a bit different but is there even enough stores left to make it worth the trip?
Truly I had gone to the same store from the time I was 7 until earlier this year (I just turned 32) They closed and any of the other stores that I had ever gone to in my life are now closed. I am sure there are a couple others in the area within a half hour but really I dont want to have to drive like that. Plus I used to know that they had to make money and the prices were not the best I could get but this other place that is close is just kind of ridiculous.

I don't mind waiting for card shows sometimes, and I dont mind going to big box stores sometimes... BUT I HATE not having a place to randomly go when I NEED something. And also have guys to chit chat with.

I miss those days! UGH
Yeah thats the best part of going to a store is just talking to others. When I go up to Les's in Birch Run I usually open what I buy there and we spend time talking about baseball and Football. I need a place for hockey though lol. I agree with being able to get things cheaper online but it's more fun to open packs and boxes and be able to talk about them with somebody. I've been to two shows this year and I haven't been much impressed with either one of them.
I used to live in Canton. There is Playball by the Westland Mall. If you live out towards Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor there is a card store off of Golf Road by St. Joseph Hospital. Also, try going to the Sports Card Shows Weekend at either one of the Gibralter Trade Shows

Hope this helps a little
I hear about the Gibralter Trade Shows could be alright

there is a new shop in your state, the guy belongs here but not sure where in MI he is in
Play ball still sells cards but they are more into the memorbilia (sp) stuff. Like I just called and the guy knew nothing about cards and he had to ask or look. Just making me sad. I want to BREAK some packs! And all the cheap stuff at Target, Walmart, Meijers is costing WAY more than any value Im getting out of it.
We are a local Card shop in Allen Park, We are located at 4607 Allen Road in Allen Park Mi 48101
Phone Number is 313-381-9657, I'm the store owner chris, you can also find us over on facebook google
A and Z Cards Inc. Our logo is a monkey with our store name, I have score hockey in stock right now, have some more coming in tomorrow also.

BTW we are also a Upper Deck Diamond Dealer, meaning we have in stock most if not all current upper deck products, and will have series 1 next week.

you are the person i was trying to point to earlier.

(11-03-2011 11:47 AM)chrislucy72 Wrote: [ -> ]Tim,
We are a local Card shop in Allen Park,
I thank you for the help, Gathering customers is not a fun thing, advertising is not cheap, the viral, boards has been one of best methods of gathering steam.

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