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As i sit here in the high school at 2 A.M. (Yes Sounds weird but its the only place that has power in our town after the snow storm this that knocked the entire town out of power saturday and its not suppose to be back until after sunday!!)

Who is your favorite college player to never make a successful career in the NFL?

Mine is Ken Dorsey, He played like any elite QB in college, but a lot say it was because who he had around him (A.Johnson,Shockey,Portis,Mcgahee) But he was always electrifying to watch and never gave up no matter what.
Chris Leak. His high school was only like an hour away so I got to see his highlights every friday night and they were ridiculous,then he chose Florida and I loved watching him there but it just wasn't the right system for him. He has to be one of my fav college players not in the NFL just bc he was local and could throw one of the best spirals.
And both him and Dorsey left the state of Florida with a pretty national championship ring
Yea, he led Florida to the national title his senior year and when they talk about tim tebow and his greatness he was only a role player on that first title team.They make it sound like he was the driving force behind both titles.Leak gets no credit, he shredded that Ohio State D
Dennis Dixon has seen very little time in the NFL. He was one of my favorite players to watch in college.
Eric Crouch, Scott Frost, and Tommie Frazier.

I knew all three would not make it in the NFL but I wasn't done watching them play football yet. Sad
My main man, and the NCAAF's All-Time Leading Rusher & 1999 Heisman Trophy Winner, Mr Ron "Great" Dayne!!
In college, this huy was the ideal prototypical rb. He was built like a wrecking ball but had shifty moves & nimble feet like the great Barry Sanders. He was drafted by the Giants in the 1st rd of the 2000 draft. He did pretty well in NY or the first 3yrs, then jus kinda faded away as Tiki Barber got the nod & slowly fumbled away his career. Ron Dayne then ended up in Houston as a back up, but showed impressive talent..... on the rare occasion he got the chance to play. Then he was eventually traded to Denver, where no-name rb's seem to flourish. Ron got the chance to play, and made good of his opportunities, but eventually faded off the roster and eventually out of the league.
I believe, if givin a legitimate opportunity, Ron Dayne had the makings to be a very good, not great, but very good player, for whatever team he was on. He made good on his opportunities, but was never really given the chance to be the "spotlight" back on a team. But he's still on of my all-time fav players & that being said, I have managed to build quite the pc of him, including everything from 1/1's to the common base card, including over 100 different gu & autos.
I always wanted the Univ. of Houston Run and Shoot Quarterbacks, Andre Ware and David Klingler to make it, but they didn't.
eric crouch here.
Loved watching James Hardy from Indiana, guess he never had what it took to make the Bills a few years back.
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