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So I ment to order 3 boxes of fanfare and 1 box of showcase but some how ended up ordering 3 showcase and 1 fanfare I should have checked my order before I submitted it but it turned out really good actually amazing. The Box of fanfare had a couple duplicates Johanna long tire cards (2) no biggie there was a 4-wide of Denny Hamlin and an auto that started a trend in the opening of the 4 boxes see if you agree > will list them .

Race used (fanfare)

Denny Hamlin 4-wide #17/25
Johanna Long tire (2) 14 & 129/199
Joey Coulter Daul 3cl. sheetmetal and stiched glove #48/50
AJ Allmendinger stiched glove #31/50 (HOLO foil)

Race Used auto

Travis Fvapil #07/20 (Holo foil)

Reed Sorenson silver 306/50
Robert Richardson Gold #35/99

And the Auto that started a trend?

Richard Childress # 36/80

Parallel all # to 125
Richard Petty
Carl Edward
Matt Kenseth
Bobby Laborite
Jeff Gordon
Bill Elliott (first of 3 cards of Awesome Bill)
Dale Earnhardt ( the 1st of 5 intimidator cards)

Showroom Kyle Bush,Tony Stewart,Carl Edwards and mark Martin all # to 499
Champions Bobby Labonte and 2 Jimmy Johnsons #499
Bill Elliott #92/125
and Finally Dale SR. #20/125 (thats 3 when you included the Base card for those keeping count)

Memorabilia cards (all Masterpieces dual # of 99)

Kevin Harvick #11
Matt Kenseth #22
Jeff Burton #80
Brad Keselowski # 81


Masterpieces Daul #45

Carl Edwards #29 and Denny Hamlin #44

Champions Ink
Bill Elliott #5/10

A pretty Awesome Break Huh. Oh wait I think I forgot 2 Cards, so As I was sitting here last Night looking at Cards on the Internet I said to myself "I wish I could pull a Dale SR. card to go with the JR. auto I got from my redemption "

Pack #2 yielded a masterpieces Dual of the Intimidator Himself Dale EARNHARDT SR> WOW I was speechless in fact besides a Cut Autograph the only Card that could be better would be A.....................................
. (pack# #3).

Dale EARNHARDT Prized Pieces Jumbo Prime #1/25 Firesuit with Patch

I wish I knew how to put those funny faces on my post because I am absolutely speechless I am most definitely done with stick and Ball sports have to go to the LCS and show off my Pulls will get them in Photobuckett tonight the question is do I sell one and get a Box of 5 star? what does every one think
I dont collect racing but awesome pull on the Earnhardt, let me know if you figure a price.
If you REALLY want a box of 5 Star, def. sell a Dale Sr. to buy one. The cards from those boxes are mostly spectacular! I wish I could afford to spend the money to get one.
I am interested in some of the cards you pulled: the JG Showcase and the JJ & KyleB acetates.

By the way, for the 'funny' faces:

: ) without the space b/t is a smiley face, replace the : with a ; for a winking smiley face. OR replace the ) with a D for a 'large smile' face. Replace the D with a P for a (well, see below). I am going to end this with the typing for those faces. If you click 'reply' for my post, you will see the actual typings for the faces.

Smile Wink Big Grin Tongue
Will be sending out a pm to you Spazmatastic I went and pulled the trigger on DA's card world last box of 5-star , blowout didn't have any ,does any one else know where to get more, I am moving my Baseball (except TG CR & SM) plus all of my football ( except charger cards for my kids) I MIGHT keep my harper collection since I have 2 autos ( he could be the real deal) but after I fulfill my commitment to the LCS for bowman sterling I am done with TOPPS and Panni, been done with UD for a while, looks like Great customer service from PP won them a loyal customer .plus I think that PressPass put out one of the best trading card products ever with FANFARE am looking forward to completing my master set I will be throwing up a list of what I need and have to $/trade in a few days. might submit it to beckett when I am done so every one can see it , I think if I get rid of every thing I will be able to finish in about 6 months
You could try Thats where I get all my boxes from, they might have some 5 star left
(11-02-2011 07:15 PM)pretz6969 Wrote: [ -> ]You could try Thats where I get all my boxes from, they might have some 5 star left
Grassyass lol
Sick break congrats
images are up for all my latest breaks
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