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im new here, and looking for my first colloect gary brown and brandon crawford.......if u have any auto of my favorites....PM with offers....thanks

Welcome, To trade or sell on Beckett, you will need to have cards entered into your organize, as all cards for trade or sell must be entered into your organize and marked accordingly. All transactions must be done via the trade tab at the top of the page. A good place to Start is by reading the sticky message atop the trading forums, there is a tutorial as well. Here are the links
New Traders Read first

Thanks, Mod
You have too add items to the organize before you can trade.
(10-31-2011 08:36 PM)john1580 Wrote: [ -> ]I B L

I B L ? does that xxxxxxxxxxxxx
(10-31-2011 09:54 PM)giants1957 Wrote: [ -> ]I B L ? does that bullshit liar?

If your truly new I'd refrain from the cussing on the boards. You'll go from new to old real quick.
could be he's just a fan of the International Basketball League
you still have nothing marked FT so I am thinking your odds are slim here man.
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