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I've been thinking the last couple days about selling off some of my Steelers collection to further fund my Woodley collection. There are a couple more expensive cards of his that I would like to own. I'm thinking that I mostly wouldn't have too hard of a time replacing some of them down the line if I ever change my mind. I haven't had great success selling single cards on ebay in the past and don't really want to pay the fees to send them off to a resell website. I was wondering if any of you guys had some insight on how I could best clean out the PC to upgrade the Woodley PC and maybe even add to the Greenwood PC a bit.
go to the LCS....especially if they might have some of the cards you usually get a much better deal in store credit as opposed to cash.
also some of them do a consignment type thing.

If you do go to the LCS you arent going to get top dollar.....keep that in mind.

Doing a local show would be a great idea.
They have them in malls and convention centers all the time.
I am actually going to one this weekend.

I think its usually around 50 bucks to set up a booth can display your cards and probably sell a lot this time of year.

I am not sure if any of these ideas would be better than selling them online....just a couple things to look into a bit.
Thanks buddy. Never thought to consider the LCS.
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