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Hey guys/gals...

Here are a few cards that I am willing to part with. Some are going to be harder than others. Please send offers or comment below.

I am looking for the following ONLY:
-2011 Topps Chrome Autos (Certain ones...)
-Jason Heyward Auto/Jerseys
-Ryan Braun Autos/Jerseys
-Starlin Castro Autos/Jerseys (Certain ones...)
-Cut Signatures (SP Legendary Cuts or Sweet Spot CUT Autos ONLY!)
-Hall of Fame or Legend Autos

Here are the scans...

If book values and salve values are both far off... For example...A card that books 200 sells for $50, and a card that books $200 sells for $150... Its not an even trade for me. They both have to be in the same ballpark!

Thanks for stopping by,
I like the Freeman
I like the triple auto. please let me know if I have anything you could use for it.
Have a 2010 bowman platinum Jason Heyward auto/fabric... Like the topps triple treads auto...
I have this:
[Image: 100_1818-2.jpg]
and this
[Image: scan0196.jpg]

offer coming
Any interest in this? O PEE CHEE.

[Image: ee06f7a1.jpg]
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