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I sold my Cam Newton Inception relic /75 on eBay earlier this month. Here is the listing
The buyer is a member with low feedback but he wasn't a problem. Sent payment fast and then I got the card out. The problem here is that I haven't gotten my payment from ebay into my PP account yet. It was estimated to be available like the 13th. Nothing. I'm not sure what to do.
What kind of payment was it? If he sent an electronic check then eBay suggests that you wait until that clears before shipping the item. Now if your PayPal account is holding the founds, i.e. when you log into PayPal it has a box marked “From now on, money you receive will be temporarily held in a pending balance” and you have that amount but just can’t access it that means it just hasn’t been released yet. PayPal started doing this a few months back for anyone with a low feedback rating. Not that you have any negatives you just haven’t sold enough (500+). Check to see if they have left you positive feedback, if not send him a message and ask him for it. Also make sure you have entered the tracking number into both eBay and PayPal. That can speed things up.
Ya, I left the tracking # and I asked him for feedback earlier this morning. It wasn't an echeck. It has the estimated funds availabilty and says the funds should be available. But paypal doesn't even have the payment listed as holding.
I would contact Paypal directly about this.
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