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Full Version: CHOKE!!!!!
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Vandy gave up a decent 2nd half lead to #10 Arkansas. It was 31-28 Ark. Vandy took it down to Arkansas's 10 yd line. Ran 3 plays for no yardage. Clock stops, its 4th down with 11 seconds left. Vandy sets up for a 27 yard FG and the kicker pushed it right!!! So typical.......If you ever questioned an NFL kicker's skill. Watch a College football kicker. They muff the most easiest of kicks on a regular bases. And the kicks from 50 yds out.......Ha! Might as well go for it! They're usually WAY off and short.
i love my razorbacks haha
Haha, you got lucky today mateSmile Im not an Ark hater, but Vandy beat themselves that game
i know bro i was praying
I couldn't believe AR let Vandy beat on them like they did yesterday.

Vandy is a bunch of salty dogs and played a great game.Their D was great most of the game and they ran at will against our D.I'm just so glad that their kicker can't hit a 30 yarder.

AR looked bad and just can not get it going in the first half.I missed most of the 1st quarter but was not surprised to see us down early when i did tune in.Wilson is lucky he didn't throw 10 INTs and they have to get the ground game going and continue to use it.Boneheaded penalties are also killing us,that play where Wade tried to kill the returner before the ball got there was stupid and dangerous.I hope they don't suspend him but he deserves it.I guess on the bright side at least we have a great kicker,Hocker looked as good at 50 yds as he does at 30.

It was a very entertaining game but AR has to quit doing this to their fan base.I would be willing to bet there were several hundred thousand Hogs fans with blood pressure double over normal in the fourth quarter for the second straight week,they are gonna start killin fans before long.Seriously
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