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I am looking to trade for in order of Priority:

Joey Votto Auto
Justin Morneau Auto
John Mcdonald Bowman Platinum Auto/Relic - Green, Gold, Red, Super
Rich Harden Auto
Jason Bay Auto
Erik Bedard Auto
Buster Posey
Roy Halladay

Let me know if you have any of these available for trade or send offer.

i have a couple of halladay gu for trade
Thanks but I am not interested in the GU stuff
gimme a look
(10-28-2011 05:50 PM)mgruber2 Wrote: [ -> ]gimme a look

The only thing I saw didn't look to be available for trade.

i have a Bay auto. i'll load it in tonight or tomorrow to see if you need it.
Ok thank you let me know when it is there.
Still looking for my PC stuff
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