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Did OK....could have been worse I guess. All are for trade. I will load them soon.

[Image: ff742865.jpg]
[Image: a4418c4d.jpg]
[Image: 551796ba.jpg]
[Image: 2f91061c.jpg]
[Image: 7df293f1.jpg]
[Image: 31041e7f.jpg]
[Image: 28030f64.jpg]
[Image: 883a7c72.jpg]
[Image: b69ffc79.jpg]
Ugh, they just ruin that awesome Strawberry by putting a Yankee on it. SMH.
nice posey
Check me for the Posey please.
check me for both harveys and the stanton plz, thanks
I also picked up some new reds autos from ttt and marquee. Got a bruce and a volquez in ttt and a stubbs in marquee i think
check me for the posey
bump it up
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