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I was very disappointed with this break, especially with pulling two redemption cards. What do you guys think?

Here's what I got, will post a scan later:

Redemption for Aaron Crow Autograph Rookie Refractor
Redemption for Mike Moustakas Autograph Rookie Refractor
Brett Wallace RC Gold 43/50
Zach Britton RC Orange 90/99
Randall Delgado RC Green 101/199
Mike Trumbo RC X-Refractor 95/299
Finest Moments Joe Mauer
Finest Foundations Tim Lincecum
Finest Foundations Albert Pujols
Mark Teixeira Refractor 184/549
Freddie Freeman RC
Havent opened any Finest yet, but 2 redemptions never make for a fun box no matter what product esp from guys who seem to have about a 100 autos already.

Interested in the Freeman and especially the Delgado if trading!
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