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Enjoy these, I don't think they are in the Beckett collection, unlisted. They will be offered in my Non Sport post. This is most of the 100 car set.
[Image: scan0016.jpg]
[Image: scan0015.jpg]
[Image: scan0014.jpg]
[Image: scan0013.jpg]
[Image: scan0012.jpg]
[Image: scan0011.jpg]
[Image: scan0010.jpg]
[Image: scan0009.jpg]
[Image: scan0006.jpg]
The Giles is a 1956 Topps #2 and is listed, The Spahn is not listed yet, 1964 Topps Giant/
[Image: scan0017.jpg]
nice set there Mel
Very nice Mel Smile I like the fire trucks for my son
Thanks Guys...Maybe we can work something out Jason...Mel
I've still got that black mini Yogi waiting for you.
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