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I know where I can get 9 off this list but I need to give them a good offer in return. Below has my list but I am looking to get any Derek Jeter card that is numbered to 100 or less. This especially goes for the 1990's and early 2000's for Derek Jeter cards, I would also tade for any sample cards of his as well. Please just let me know what you have and we can go from there. But if you have anything from this list let me know as well. My thinking is if I can trade for most of these cards listed below the more I can save up for the 1996 Mirror Gold card of his as I am sure I will have to buy that one.

1993-00 Bleachers #21 Derek Jeter#{1997 10,000
1996 Bowman's Best Atomic Refractors #79 Derek Jeter
1996 Leaf Preferred Press Proofs #116 Derek Jeter
1996 Leaf Preferred Steel Promos #40 Derek Jeter
1996 MLB Pins #16 Derek Jeter (I might have this as well but I am not sure what the pin looks like)
1996 Select Certified Mirror Gold #100 Derek Jeter
1996 SLU Baseball #33 Derek Jeter FP (I am wondering if this is the figurine because if so I already own it.)
1996 Sportflix Rookie Jumbos #6 Derek Jeter
1996 Studio Silver Press Proofs #33 Derek Jeter
1996 Summit Artist's Proofs #154 D.Jeter/C.Ripken
1996 Upper Deck Diamond Destiny Gold #DD28 Derek Jeter
1996 Upper Deck Predictor Hobby Exchange #H25 Derek Jeter
1996 Zenith Artist's Proofs #93 Derek Jeter
1996 Zenith Artist's Proofs #147 Derek Jeter HON
1996-03 Danbury Mint #60 Derek Jeter (Its a statue and I will trade for it but its not one of my top priorities to get as I am mianly looking to get the cards.)
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