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I got a lot of 13 1:24 scales cars yesterday for $140. I am looking to sell them but not sure much about them or what is the best way to do so. they are all in box, and I will list them as the silver sticker says on them.

Kevin Harvick 2005 Monte Carlo #29 GM Goodwrench 1 of 360 (also says brookfield collectors club on the box)

Kevin Harvick Reeses 2007 Monte Carlo SS limited edition

Kevin Harvick #29 GM Goodwrench/Atlanta Special 2005 Monte Carlo 1 of 300 (also brookfield collectors club) (2 of these)

Kevin Harvick 2001 Monte Carlo #29 GM goodwrench service plan/ AOL production of 51,504

Kevin Harvick #29 GM Goodwrench/ Hometown edition 2005 Monte Carlo limited edition

Kevin Harvick #29 Shell 2007 Monte Carlo SS limited edition

Kevin Harvick 2005 Monte Carlo #29 GM Goodwrench / Daytona Special 1 of 300 (brooksfield collector club)

Kevin Harvick #29 GM Goodwrench ?quicksilver 2005 monte carlo club car 1 of 444

Carl Edwards 2008 Fusion #60 vitamin water 1 of 1404 (signed on the windshield, but no COA)

Rusty Wallace #2 Kodak 2004 intrepid production of 5,340 (signed on windshield, but no COA)

Trevor Bayne #21 Motocraft Daytone 500 win 2011 Fusion 1 of 500 raced version (signed by Bayne on windshield and David Pearson on the back glass (both have COAs in the box)

Did I overpay? Will somebody be interetsed in these? Let me know thanks
I don't think you over paid at all. I'd be interested in the Bayne
I don't think you overpaid at all, but selling them individually will take some time - you have to wait for the right buyers. Also shipping takes a chunk out of your profit for these. (you should be able to fit them into the Medium Flat rate priority box w/USPS for $10).

I know that there are different versions of the 1:24 Diecast and the values varies a lot, but it sounds like you got the good ones.

Sounds like the Bayne is the best one with 2 AU's and COA.

I might be interested in the Edwards for trade, but wouldn't be able to buy it.

I've switched my Carl Edwards die-cast collection to 1:64 since it is more affordable, and I can display them easier. I've got about 15 so far. I do have a couple of 1:24 that I am keeping, and don't have a Vitamin Water one at all in either size.

Overall, you got a great price.

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