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we have done this before but....
Biglump got me thinking after his huge win tonite...Sooo...
Let's see your 1/1s y'all!! I love em', and want to see some,..any really!! ......and they REALLY need their own thread cuz,...well,...they are 1/1s.
i will start
[Image: 005-5.jpg]
[Image: 006-6.jpg]
[Image: 071.jpg]
[Image: 072.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
Matt Cassel dual 2 color patches
[Image: 2011-04-29183617.jpg]
that looks familiar mrmagnum..
For now... Wink

[Image: img161.jpg]
[Image: img160.jpg]
[Image: img159.jpg]
[Image: img158.jpg]
Here's mine:
Got this in a great trade with the sweetest girl in the land of corn:
[Image: supermail001-1.jpg]
Got this in the mail from Mik, via Totter:
[Image: Image2-4-1.jpg]
Forgot about the TTT from a show, and the plate is from that corn cob too:
[Image: Image19.jpg]
(10-23-2011 09:55 PM)rogue655 Wrote: [ -> ]that looks familiar mrmagnum..

Did you send that to me? I am shipping it to Lumps son
Ok I'm at a disadvantage here cause my laptop is at home and I can't get to all mine on my phone but I'll see what I can pull up
2006 Exquisite Collection Rare Signature Materials Dual NFL Logo Autograph Mario Williams
[Image: MarioEXQNFLLogo1of1.jpg]

2006 Leaf Certified Materials Mirror Black Dual NFL Logo (JSY/Ball/Shoe Helmet) Autograph Mario WIlliams
[Image: MarioNFLLogo.jpg]

2006 National Treasures NFL Logo Laundry Tag Mario Williams
[Image: 60272_1630593323886_1208215182_1774441_7036677_n.jpg]

2006 Ultimate Collection "Ultimate Logo Patch" NFL Logo Autograph Mario Williams
[Image: MarioUltimateNFLLogo.jpg]

2006 Leaf Rookies & Stars "Ruby Red" Parallel NFL Logo
[Image: MarioLeafRSNFLLogo1of1front.jpg]

2006 Leaf Limited College Pheonoms Spotlight College Team Logo Autograph
[Image: MarioPlatinumSpotlight1of1.jpg]

2006 Leaf Limited Lettermen Mario WIlliams W, L, L, M, S - still need the others
[Image: MarioLettermen.jpg]

2006 Donruss Elite "STATUS" Black Autograph Mario Williams
[Image: MarioEliteAuto1of1.jpg]

2006 Hop Prospects "White Hot" Endorsement Autograph Mario Williams
[Image: MarioEndorsements1of1auto.jpg]

2006 Hop Prospects "White Hot" Triple Endorsements Mario Williams AJ Hawk Michael Huff
[Image: MarioTripleEndorsement1of1.jpg]

2009 Playoff Absolute Tools of the Trade "Pro-Bowl" Logo #1/1 Mario Williams
[Image: 59180_1630516641969_1208215182_1774394_947033_n1.jpg]

2009 Leaf Limited (Painai) Pro-Bowl Lettermen Letters I, L, L, I - need the others still !!!
[Image: 62942_1630596603968_1208215182_1774445_5490085_n.jpg]

2008 Topps Magenta Press Plate - (also have the CYAN one just never took a pic of it - looks the same its just blue!)
[Image: MarioWilliamsChromeMagenta08plate1o.jpg]

2011 Topps Magenta Press Plate Mario Williams
[Image: MarioPressPlate1of1.jpg]

2006 Aspire Press Plate Autograph Mario Williams
[Image: MarioPlateAuto1of1.jpg]

2006 Playoff NFL Playoff "Platinum Proof" #1/1 Mario Williams
[Image: MarioWilliamsProof1of1.jpg]

****Have MORE Mario's but you get the idea!!*** Need to scan up all my cards and get um all posted one of these days!

Here's my 2nd favorite Cushing - my favorite isn't a #1/1 but a #3/3 (so can't post it here!) Smile

2009 Leaf Certified "Mirror Black" Autograph #1/1 Brian Cushing
[Image: CushingLCMMirrorBlack.jpg]
(10-23-2011 09:58 PM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]For now... Wink

[Image: img161.jpg]
[Image: img160.jpg]
[Image: img159.jpg]
[Image: img158.jpg]

Sheet.....i need to go change now.
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