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This card is on Ebay.....Are you really selling it or did the seller forget to unlist it?

(10-05-2012 08:15 PM)chargers2427 Wrote: [ -> ]Newest Addition! Smile

[Image: T2eC16dHJIIE9qTYLijbBQVR-sSsZ60_57.jpg]
these are some nice cards all around from everyone, just makes me sad that i dont have any of my pc guys at all.
Here is the latest 2 which brings me to 3 total.

[Image: 1Cutler-1.jpg]
[Image: jpg-2.jpg]
Heres mine
[Image: IMG_1492.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1493.jpg]
How many are you supposed to list?

I'll just go down the list I guess... starting with Seahawks CB's.

Josh Wilson:
[Image: image52.jpg]
[Image: image2-1.jpg]
[Image: image1-1.jpg]

Kelly Jennings:
[Image: image1-7.jpg]
[Image: image5-4.jpg]
[Image: image3-6.jpg]
[Image: image0-2.jpg]
[Image: image10.jpg]
[Image: image11.jpg]
[Image: image8.jpg]
[Image: image5-1.jpg]
[Image: image8-1.jpg]
[Image: image6-1.jpg]
[Image: image25.jpg]
[Image: image40-1.jpg]
[Image: image41-1.jpg]
[Image: image70.jpg]
[Image: image80.jpg]

Seahawks DL: (FYI some cards will not be Seahawks BUT they did wear a Seahawk uni at some point in their careers)

Brandon Mebane:
[Image: image19.jpg]
[Image: image5.jpg]

Darryl Tapp (15 of a total of 29 1/1's out there)
[Image: image6111.jpg]
[Image: image2-1.jpg]
[Image: image14.jpg]
[Image: image3-8.jpg]
[Image: image0-1.jpg]
[Image: image1.jpg]
[Image: image20.jpg]
[Image: image1-1.jpg]
[Image: image43.jpg]
[Image: image44.jpg]
[Image: image58.jpg]
[Image: image9-1.jpg]
[Image: image64.jpg]
[Image: image9.jpg]
[Image: image65.jpg]

Kentwan Balmer:
[Image: image13.jpg]

Lawrence Jackson:
[Image: image75.jpg]
[Image: image0-9.jpg]

Omar Nazel:
[Image: image18-1.jpg]

Patrick Kerney:
[Image: image41.jpg]
[Image: image39.jpg]
[Image: image44.jpg]

Red Bryant:
[Image: imag1e2.jpg]
Seahawks LB's

Aaron Curry:
[Image: image1-1.jpg]

David Hawtrhorne:
[Image: image4-1.jpg]

Leroy Hill:
[Image: image11.jpg]
[Image: image23-1.jpg]

Lofa Tatupu:
[Image: image5.jpg]
[Image: image6.jpg]
[Image: image10.jpg]
[Image: image2-1.jpg]
[Image: image3-1.jpg]
[Image: image4-1.jpg]
[Image: image5-1.jpg]
[Image: image7-1.jpg]
[Image: image31-2.jpg]
[Image: image94.jpg]
[Image: image95.jpg]
[Image: image96.jpg]
[Image: image7.jpg]
[Image: image52-1.jpg]
[Image: image56-1.jpg]
[Image: image55-1.jpg]
[Image: image53-1.jpg]
[Image: image57-1.jpg]
[Image: image54-1.jpg]
[Image: image58-1.jpg]
[Image: image70-1.jpg]
[Image: image73-1.jpg]
[Image: image82-1.jpg]
[Image: image81-1.jpg]
[Image: image83-1.jpg]
[Image: image19-1.jpg]
[Image: image2.jpg]
[Image: image16-1.jpg]
[Image: wootwoot_0001.jpg]
I don't know if I posted these or not, but I used the search thread button and it said I hadn't posted so...... Forgive me if they are on here.

Lance Schulters/Tank Williams 2005 Topps Total

[Image: 011.jpg]

LeCharles Bentley/Montrae Holland/Wayne Grady 2005 Topps Total
[Image: 013.jpg]

[Image: CedricPeerman2008PressPassSaturdaySignat...aph1_1.jpg]

[Image: CedricPeerman2009ToppsFinestSuperrefract...aph1_1.jpg]

[Image: JoeFlacco2011PaniniGridironGearPlatinumAuto1_1.jpg]

[Image: KendallWright2012PaniniOrighinalNFLPlaye...to1of1.jpg]

[Image: KendallWright2012PaniniOrighinalNFLPlaye...f1back.jpg]

[Image: RonnieHillman2012PaniniNFLPlayerSketchCa...ed1of1.jpg]

[Image: RonnieHillman2012PaniniNFLPlayerSketchCa...f1Back.jpg]

[Image: TorryHoltFinestXfractor.jpg]

[Image: HarryDougalsToppsFinestAutoBlackPrintingPlate1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas09UDHeroesFootballYello.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008BowmanChromeCyanPlateAutoRC1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008LeafLimitedProPlatinumSp...1Front.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008PressPassLegendsBowlEdit...nta1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008PressPassLegendsCyanPressPlate1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008PressPassLegendsMagentaP...ate1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2008ToppsLettermanJerseyNumb...to1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2009BowmanSterlingRedRefract...sey1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglas2009ToppsPrintingPlateB.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasDonrussEliteStatusBlack.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasExquisiteAutoPatchRC1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasExquisiteLegendarySignatures...num1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasExquisiteRookieSignaturePatchNFLLogo1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasLCM1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasLCMPopWarner1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasLeafLimitedCollegePheno.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasLeafRookieStarsJumboCollegeP...ack1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasLeafRookieStarsLongevit.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasNationalTreasuresRoo-1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasNationalTreasuresRookie.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasPlayoffContendersChampi.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasSPAuthenticNFLLogoPatch.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasSPXNFLLogos1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasStadiumClubCyanPrinting.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasStadiumClubRookieAutoPl.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsLettermanQuadPatch.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsMayoBlackMiniBlackPlate1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsProgressionSeni-1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsProgressionSeniorL.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsTripleThreadsPrimeRCWhi...low1_1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasToppsTripleThreadsRCCyanWhiteWhale1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasTTTWhiteWhale1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasTTTYellowWhiteWhale1of1.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasUDPrimierGoldQuadPatchA.jpg]

[Image: HarryDouglasUpperDeckDraftEditionCo.jpg]
A few more recent adds.

[Image: hpqscan0001-5.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0002-3.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0003-3.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0001-4.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0002-2.jpg]

[Image: hpqscan0004-4.jpg]

[Image: hpqscan0008-1.jpg]

[Image: hpqscan0009-1.jpg]

[Image: hpqscan0007-1.jpg]

[Image: hpqscan0006-1.jpg]
One more in today.
[Image: hpqscan0011.jpg]
[Image: hpqscan0012.jpg]
Kollectornet u need to enter the beckett supercollector section in the magazine!
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