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The Dalton patch auto I got from a trade the dual was a ebay pick up and the Reggie Wayne all about the "U" was pack pulled.
[Image: tradepickups1.jpg]
[Image: tradepickups2.jpg]
only 3 for me..
[Image: 100MEDIA95IMAG0007-1.jpg]

[Image: 100MEDIA95IMAG0006-1.jpg]
blank back, dont know if this counts...
[Image: blount1of1.jpg]
(10-23-2011 10:09 PM)biglump007 Wrote: [ -> ]Ok I'm at a disadvantage here cause my laptop is at home and I can't get to all mine on my phone but I'll see what I can pull up

well...your the one to get me on this thing after reading your thread..hehe..
i sure love 1/1s
Jacquizz Press Plates (Also have 2 Blank Backs from Topps Vault)
[Image: HITPrintingPlates.jpg]

Colt McCoy Supreme
[Image: ColtMcCoy1of1.jpg]

Joe Namath Platinum Signature
[Image: IMAG0554.jpg]
Not sure if we are only posting one at a time but here's one...

[Image: 001-1.jpg]
I got a couple. Peyton was a pack pull and Graham was from a trade.

[Image: 1of1front.jpg]
[Image: graham.jpg]
I have a couple, not enough!

[Image: IMG_0001.jpg]

[Image: IMG_0002-1.jpg]

First Cowboy draft pick in franchise history and the first HOFer in Cowboys history! 1/1 red ink

[Image: IMG_0002-3.jpg]

This one is supposed to be but since heard differently. Emmitt plate

[Image: IMG_0035.jpg]

I apologize, but i have to consider this one as it is arguably the most sickest VY card there is.

[Image: IMG_0004-3.jpg]

Needs a new magnetic but a #10/10 his jersey # and one of the greatest college football players in history.
Here's mine
[Image: 4D88E339-orig.jpg]
[Image: cyan.jpg]
[Image: cyan001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson1of1.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson1of1front001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJacksonyellowback1of1.jpg]
[Image: jacksonplateyellow1of1001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson1of1.jpg]
[Image: yellow.jpg]
[Image: jacksonplatecyan1of1001.jpg]
[Image: jacksonplatemagenta001.jpg]
[Image: jackson1of1001.jpg]
[Image: TysonJackson1of1.jpg]
[Image: jackson1of1005.jpg]
[Image: jackson1of1006.jpg]
[Image: jackson1of1002.jpg]
[Image: jackson1of1003.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1black-1.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1-2.jpg]
[Image: leafultimatemagentsplate001.jpg]
[Image: JustinHoustonblack1of1.jpg]
[Image: justinhoustoncyan1of1.jpg]
[Image: houstonmagenta1of1-1.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1-1.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1back.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1yellow.jpg]
[Image: houstonmagenta1of1.jpg]
[Image: JustinHoustonblack1of1-1.jpg]
[Image: JustinHouston1of1black.jpg]
[Image: JustinHoustonyellow1of1.jpg]
[Image: DerrickJohnson1of1.jpg]
[Image: PriestHolmes1of1.jpg]
[Image: DwayneBowe1of1magenta.jpg]
[Image: JamaalCharles1of1.jpg]
one non-Chief
[Image: KurtWarner1of1Magenta.jpg]
Can I just delete my post now? It is crawling up and dying. Nice Lumpy!!!
And this incoming

And thank Jnc I gotta be the king of chiefs printing plates lol
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