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I love looking through the old cards. They might not be the sexy inserts and autos of today, but It doesn't seem that long ago, that some of these cards I put up in these scans fetched a good price.
I also found the 91 & 94 entire Lions team sets of Topps Super Bowl Embossed cards. That's pretty cool stuff back in the day.

Sorry about the Millen card PBean. It was a tough card to look at for quite awhile. Millen really talked a great game when he was an announcer, but he really changed his tune as a GM. What happened to all that defenseive draft talk in order to build a good team?!?

Marinocollector - I could use that card. I'll have to find you a Marino card in trade.

Wendy - I appreciate your collector enthusiasm lady! I love them Donruss/Leaf cards!
As a Packers fan, I am logically suppossed to hate everything Chicago, Detroit & Minnesota...... But I must admit, I LOVE looking at this thread!! I am a fanatic for old school inserts & parallels, and it seems like everything that was a cool/rare insert or parallel back in the day... You have!! I have been looking for Packers versions of these cards & they're damn near impossible to find! Especially Favre!

So, if you have more of the oldies, PLEASE keep posting them! Smile
I hear ya man. I love the old Inserts of the 90's.

I have been VERY lucky to find some of these cards. And to find them of Barry Sanders?!? Near Impossible.
I'm going to get My Herman Moore Box out next.
More later on!
[Image: Lions90s1.jpg]

[Image: Lions90s2.jpg]

[Image: Lions90s3.jpg]

[Image: Lions90s4.jpg]

[Image: Lions90s5.jpg]

[Image: Lions90s6.jpg]
WOW!! Love those elite status cards & those fleer brilliants gold parallels were friggin sweet!
I think you have the market cornered on old school lions inserts, lol!
Cant wait to see more!!
I just found a few more...

[Image: img002.jpg]
I picked up a couple more Barry cards...

[Image: 01QuantumLeafX-ponentialPowerX-FactorGreenXP7.jpg]

[Image: 99LeafRookiesandStarsSlideShowBlueSS70.jpg]
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