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[Image: DetroitLions4.jpg]

[Image: DetroitLions3.jpg]
[Image: DetroitLions5.jpg]

[Image: DetroitLions6.jpg]
Love the old school look.
[Image: DetroitLions7.jpg]

[Image: DetroitLions9.jpg]

[Image: DetroitLions8.jpg]
wow ..... impressive to say the least bud Smile

four of my all time fav Lions ..... Charlie Batch, Herman Moore, Chris Speilman, and Luther Elliss !!!

outside of the fact that they all had great careers wearing honolulu blue and silver, they all represent and work within their communities truly believing that they have been blessed and they pass it on whenever they can !!! Smile

I wish more football players would look to some of these players as examples of how they should care for those less fortunate, and realize it's not about "the money" it's about giving back to the communities that support them Smile
Beautiful Batches! Love em
[Image: img956.jpg]

[Image: img957.jpg]

[Image: img958.jpg]

[Image: img959.jpg]

[Image: img960.jpg]

[Image: img961.jpg]
Definitely showing the who's who of grading.... Big Grin
Very cool cards, htoutlaws. The vintage stuff is sweet. I also really like all the Elite die-cut Charlie Batch cards you've got.
Love your signature-
Thanks for the comments everyone. I always loved those Status cards. I have a few of Crowell also.

Those Grading companies are AWESOME. They are always worth a laugh.

I'm going to be putting more up, honestly, I'm getting bored with the Barry collection.
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