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Was out today wanting to pick up a couple patches from the LCS. Ended up with only one as the others we out of my price range for the day. While I was there I decided to bust 5 lonely packs from a 3/4 full box on the shelf.

First I will start with the Patch Pick Up

A very nice looking Ryan Gerzlaf

[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsTreasuredSwatchesJerseys...etzlaf.jpg]

Next up are the hits from my 5 random packs. Saving the OMG MoJo for the end.

[Image: 2011-12Artifacts168Palushaj.jpg]

[Image: 2011-12Artifacts218Devils.jpg]

[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsTreasuredSwatchesBlueTSPBBerglund.jpg]

[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsTundraTandemsBlueTT2KKKe...uliemn.jpg]

After hitting these cards I didn't think there was too much more in the box but decided, why not one more pack. Well the last pack did not disappoint. At first I though it was one of the players I was looking to hit a nice card.

Here it comes, what a sweet looking patch

Card 2 of 8

[Image: 2011-12ArtifactsJerseysPatchesAutographs...3Hossa.jpg]

Thanks for the look, all comments welcome.

2 sweet cards with crazy patches congrats
Wow those are sick, congrats
Super sweet card, pitiful autograph. Come on Marian, you need to take longhand writing classes it seems...
That's an amazing patch, congrats!
Wow that's an awesome patch! Bet you are glad you went back for one more, eh?
Very nice. Congrats on the pull.
Amazing patches on both cards. Great pick ups. Congrats.
Sick hawks patch
Nice patch pick-up!!! SWEET Hossa patch!!! Lot of sweet patches coming from the Blackhawks Indian head!!
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