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So I have added some cards I am looking to sell so please take a look at the scans and let me know what you want. I have listed them on my org in the for sale folder. After I reach $250.00 I will be done with selling for now.

[Image: scan0091.jpg]
[Image: scan0092.jpg]
[Image: scan0093.jpg]
[Image: scan0094.jpg]
[Image: scan0095.jpg]
[Image: scan0096.jpg]
[Image: scan0097.jpg]
how much for both pujols? list each price
send me a price for the adam dunn patch
Is the Ozzie a refractor? If so, I'd be interested, I've been looking for one.
I have PMed everyone who replied. I will mark when the item is gone. I am willing to negociate.
$250.00 more I need to cover the money I spent anyone want any of these items.
how much on the bonds purple crusade?
Thats not a real Pujols auto is it?
(10-21-2011 03:13 PM)iamralpho Wrote: [ -> ]Thats not a real Pujols auto is it?

There is ZERO chance that is an authentic autograph.
can you send me a price on the Griffey?
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