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As many of you know, I regularly post Bowman Chrome and Draft breaks on this board. To see some of my recent breaks, click on my name, then click on "Find All Threads." Last year's BC break was a disaster, so if you're in the mood for a little schadenfreude, look at the 2010 BC thread and watch me whine. Anyway, Wednesday I will receive 5 cases of the 2011 BC product from ATL, and hope to start busting Wednesday evening. I paid $3400 delivered, which amounts to $56.67 per box. (Last year I paid $60 a box and got about $49 a box in value -- ouchie.)

I will be listing out all numbered cards and autos and will attempt to grade the break on a box by box basis. I invite you to stop by this thread, help me with the grading, and contribute to the discussion. I sleeve, clean, and sort as I go, so the breaks usually last 5-7 days, which gives a lot of different members an opportunity to stop by and comment while the break is still ongoing. The collective expertise of the Beckett community in these threads invariably makes me more knowledgeable about the product. Plus, it's fun to show off a little bit.

To heighten interest in the break, I will organize a couple of contests. All contest information (including results) will be in this thread, and entries need to be posted here as well. This keeps the Message Board tidy.


CONTEST #1: To kick things off, I will be giving away a lot of *1000+* 2007 Bowman Chrome Football cards. Why did I ever get these cards? I have no idea. I'm not really a football card collector. Anyway, I tried to sell some of them but then got sick of it. I'm sure none of the key cards are present, but hey -- they're all chrome, so they probably each have a BV of 50 - 75 cents. Maybe you can skim your favorite team's cards and trade the rest, add them to your sportlots account, give them to a young collector, hand them out at Halloween, stuff them in a Christmas stocking, wallpaper your bedroom, roll around in them naked, put them in the attic, throw them out and use the BCW boxes. Hey, they'll be YOUR cards, and you can do whatever you like with them.

To participate, you need to guess which Prospect Autograph Card (there are apparently 39 in the 10BC set) will appear in my very first case as the lowest-numbered parallel. For example, if the first case produces 8 base autos, two refractor autos, a blue auto, and an orange auto, who is the orange auto? If there is a tie for lowest numbered parallel (e.g., two gold autos), the winner will be the one I pull LAST in the case. To break ties, you must also guess the number of pitches thrown by Chris Carpenter Wednesday night. Closest to the pin wins, further tiebreak goes to the first poster. All entries must be posted before the first pitch is thrown, 8:05 Eastern. I settle all disputes.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:

"Bryce Harper, 100 pitches"


CONTEST #2: For my second contest, I am offering five autographed cards from among my duplicates in this break. After the break is over I will give you a list of those from which you can choose (I'll list out 15 or so; Harper will not be included). To participate, you need to guess which Prospect Autograph Card will appear in the very last box of my last case opened. To break ties (including nobody naming the actual auto), you must also guess the serial number of the last numbered card I pull in the break. Closest to the pin wins, any need for further tiebreak goes to the first poster. Entries may continue until I am ready to post results from the final box. I settle all disputes.

A valid entry, therefore, will look something like this:

"Last auto: Hosmer, Last serial number: 138"

Make sense? Good luck!



P.S. To the best of my knowledge (i.e., from Chris Olds' recent post at, this is the list of Prospect Autos:

BCP111 Bryce Harper
BCP130 Hunter Morris
BCP131 Jean Segura
BCP132 Melky Mesa
BCP133 Manny Banuelos
BCP134 Chris Archer
BCP157 Danny Brewer
BCP158 David Bromberg
BCP160 A.J. Cole
BCP161 Alex Colome
BCP162 Brody Colvin
BCP163 Khris Davis
BCP164 Cutter Dykstra
BCP165 Nathan Eovaldi
BCP167 Garrett Gould
BCP168 Brandon Guyer
BCP169 Shaeffer Hall
BCP170 Reese Havens
BCP171 Luis Heredia
BCP172 Aaron Hicks
BCP173 Bryan Holaday
BCP174 Bradley Holt
BCP175 Brett Lawrie
BCP176 Matt Lollis
BCP178 Starling Marte
BCP179 Ethan Martin
BCP180 Trey McNutt
BCP182 Keyvius Sampson
BCP183 Jordan Swagerty
BCP184 Dickie Joe Thon
BCP185 Jacob Turner
BCP189 Kendrick Perkins
BCP192 Enny Romero
BCP201 Christopher Wallace
BCP212 Brock Holt
BCP214 Brandon Laird
BCP220 Matt Moore
212 Dustin Ackley
196 Eric Hosmer
Luis Heredia and 114 pitches thrown
glad to see you busting some more stuff! lets see lets kick this off and be optimistic and go with eric hosmer, and 89 pitches for carpenter
I have been looking forward to your break of this stuff for quite a while. Too bad the first contest prize isn't for anything baseball. I'll be waiting impatiently for contest #2. Thanks for doing these breaks. Hope this year's break is a whole heckuva lot better than last year. Hopefully, you won't get any whiners about how you run your contests!
Brett Lawrie and 92 pitches.
I will say Matt Moore and 95 pitches. Good luck!
Ethan Martin....92 Pitches.
Shaeffer Hall, 77 Pitches
Trey McNutt 97 pitches
Anthony ranaudo 103
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