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Was in target picking up some stuff for impending baby and grabbed one rack of topps chrome on the way out.

Nothing much except an Orange refractor A chapman until the last pack. Saw gold, got excited, Mantle Gold Refractor 29/50! Mine best pack pull in forever since I don't buy the high end stuff.

Definitely made my day.

Thanks for looking.
nice! got a pic of the mantle? congrats!
That is awesome indeed. Several people on here have great luck in target. I pulled a Babe Ruth AU from Gypsy Queen in one of those earlier this year.
congrats on that pull, those gold chrome refs always look killer
(10-18-2011 02:07 PM)elfeo013 Wrote: [ -> ]nice! got a pic of the mantle? congrats!

[Image: IMG.jpg]
Very nice pull!
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