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Finally got around to scanning some things ive picked up over the past few months...

[Image: NicksExquisitePatchauto10.jpg]

[Image: Mendenhallultimatepatchauto20.jpg]

[Image: McCoyPlatinumBlackrefractorauto25.jpg]

[Image: McCoyContendersRCauto.jpg]

[Image: McCoyChromeRedb.jpg]

[Image: MaclinChromeRedb.jpg]

[Image: LewisAbsolutepatches.jpg]

[Image: JohnsonSweetSpotRCauto299.jpg]

[Image: Jacksonimmortalsauto35.jpg]

[Image: DeseanRedrefractorauto.jpg]
um.................. wow. I love that Ray Lewis Patch & that Hakeem Nicks would make a nice addition to my Nicks pc!

Great pick ups!! Thanks for sharing!!
very nice pickups
Sweet additions! The Bo Jackson auto card is so awesome!
Thanks for the comments guys! lambeau legend4, I'd move the Nicks for a nice Eagles card..
Pm sent.
sick I love that mendy if you wanna trade it ever! I wont even ask about the ray ha
nice stuff!!!
Sad Hakeem!!!! lol would look awfully good in my UNC PC Smile Sick Lewis too for sure!
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