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Will have an update with all the Quizz cards, but recieved the last of the Finest cards (other than the Superfractor of course) today and it was the beauty of them all - The #/75 Logo Patch with the wings of the Falcon. Here they are...

#/599 - 3 color logo
[Image: IMAG0522.jpg]

#/99 - 3 color
[Image: IMAG0523.jpg]

#/75 - 4 color logo "wings"
[Image: IMAG0548.jpg]

#/50 - 2 color
[Image: IMAG0524.jpg]

#/25 - 4 color
[Image: IMAG0525.jpg]
very nice! get that superfractor!
Nice! I just hit a Jacquizz patch this weekend...looks like its part of his # (the one I have)
WOW my eyes are still hurting from all that beauty Smile
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