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Well decided I'd scan and make a new thread for it so here we go
8x10 from the nationals
[Image: Image33.jpg]

[Image: Image97jpg.jpg]
[Image: Image98jpg.jpg]
[Image: Image99jpg.jpg]
This seems very lonely Sad
[Image: Image100jpg.jpg]
Trying to make this rainbow
[Image: Image101jpg.jpg]
[Image: Image103jpg.jpg]
[Image: Image102jpg.jpg]
[Image: Image104jpg.jpg]
And the heart of the pc
[Image: Image105jpg.jpg]

Trying to make the Finest rainbow 1/1's have 2 already please if anyone can help me find them willing to pay a finders fee of cards or cash
Nice, nice stuff man! I REALLY like that Threads laundry tag auto, killer stuff there.. I will certainly keep my eyes out for the Finest 1/1s... I dont really like printing plates, so I'm not trying after any of em.. you can have em all! lol... Also keepin an eye out on any doubles I get for ya!
Thanks I love the laundry tag also I saw the other half non auto though and it went for like 5 bucks but I missed it it already sold
Great stuff man now if he can get more throws to him that be great. Maybe break a KR as well.
Thanks and I hope so to. I hope they put in devlin because matt Moore isn't the solution. Who knows he could be a star. Either that or they keep in Matt Moore because suck for luck lol
Well they signed Sage Rosenfels and Devlin is still on teh PS.
I think Moore will be ok and they will see if Sage can do anything. Devlin looked like he needs alot of work from the preseason.
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