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Full Version: 1 pack of 2011 A&G
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so I dont really like these cards cause of all the subsets but I was checking out at walmart this morning and there was only one pack left. so I bought it and and a pack of Platinum football. not too bad for retail

[Image: Scan16.jpg]

not sure you can see it in the scan but joe's a pretty dirty guy, the piece of his shirt is all stained
That is a tough relic to pull I think? Nice Job!
lol, looks like a swatch from a polo shirt, nice pull!
Travel day apparel is what the J.M. card is.
interesting card - I like it better than just another white jersey
do you know how much this would sell for?
PLEASE check me for the maddon. I know someone that would die for this card
Yeah thats a cool looking swatch,
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