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These are my favorite NFL Logo Cards and I have only ever seen like 5 of them ever pop up. Mario Williams, Peyton Manning, Santonio Holmes, Michael Vick, & Trent Green (I think it was Trent) - would love to see more of them.

Does anyone know how many players they made in that set? The Holmes is on the bay right now with a $7999.99 or B/O, the Vick sold for close to $2,000.00 a little while ago, if any one has any pictures or owns one of these bad boys show um off so I can get a look!

Here's mine :

2006 Exquisite Mario Williams

[Image: MarioEXQNFLLogo1of1.jpg]
Love that Mario much? Smile
39 card set....all the info's on the site for you.... sheesh... LOL
(10-16-2011 07:14 AM)Marinocollector Wrote: [ -> ]39 card set....all the info's on the site for you.... sheesh... LOL

Thanks! was trying to find the checklist but it wouldn't pop up for me. Strange they only made 39 players? Thought maybe this set was like Certified Mirror Blacks, those used to be my favorite. But thanks for the link.

Looking over it - what a whack group of guys! Stovall, Leftwich, Sinoice Moss...

(10-16-2011 07:00 AM)dfcj1499 Wrote: [ -> ]Love that Mario much? Smile

Actually 2006 Ultimate Collection is my favorite set design of all time as far as Regular sets go, but Insert card wise I really like this design, and since they are #1/1's - I thought I'd ask to see some since well its not like they are all over the place, and Marinoisking just told me only 39 players were made so guess I won't be seeing to many of these at all.
I have this one. Its from my Wisconsin pc.

Sweet one LL4!!
(10-17-2011 10:43 AM)ricky williams 34 Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet one LL4!!

Thanks! I significantly over paid for it at the time (bought during his rookie season), but I NEVER plan to sell it or trade it, so Im ok with that, lol.

Now, what wud be REAL sweet is if I cud get my hands on the Favre & AJ Hawk from that set!! It'll probably never happen.... but I can dream cant I... Smile
The Vernon Davis was up on ebay a couple months ago. Forgot how much it sold for but it was alot.
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