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I have been wanting to start another collection for a while and for the past couple days I have been going back and forth with ideas. I have decided to start a new player collection that will be focused on Sandy Koufax.

I am looking for all Sandy Koufax cards. I would like to start off low and work on base and interests, but will entertain offers for higher end items.

I have some Triple Threads that are not listed in the Organize yet, so if you are interested in those just let me know.

Also, as always I am looking for Chapman cards and Jays rookie, gameused, and autos. I will trade in your favour as well (double to quadruple value) depending on cards.
Nice choice! The '56 Topps Koufax is one of my favorite cards. I'll take a look through my Brooklyn PC and see if I have any base/insert doubles for you.
Thanks a lot!
Anyone else have any Koufax?
I have this. Looking for a comparable Clemente card in return

[Image: 005-13.jpg]
I have no Clemente, would there be anything else your interested in?
Looking for Koufax and as always Chapman and Blue Jays. Will trade in your favour.
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