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Made a trip to the card shop picked up a box of Triple Threads, a mini box of Marquee and the owner threw in a jumbo pack of 2011 Update. I also bought a pack of TriStar Hidden Treasures and I got a Leon Durham signed ball from that.

Here's the results:

Ian Kinsler Titanic Threads 25/99

2011 Update:
Topps 60 Jeff Neimann auto

Triples Thread:
Nolan Ryan Unity Relic 28/36
Jhonny Peralta Unity Relic/Auto 16/99
Hanley Ramirez relic "NL ROY '06" 12/36
Heath Bell relic/auto "40+ Saves B2B" 4/9

[Image: photo1cis.jpg]
could have been worse, what did that mini box run you?
I think it was around $60 for the mini box of Marquee
sweet cards
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