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Hello all,

I traded this Troy Polamalu auto #ed 7/10 at the LCS......
[Image: troy001-1-1.jpg]

For this one #ed 18/25.......
[Image: newtongabbert001.jpg]

Think I did damn good.
I personally like the troy..I would have iven up alot for it
Nice pickup! I would have done that in a heartbeat!
Im with Chads. I think you blew it on this one. Rare auto-jersey of a sure-fire first ballot HOF'er for 2 rookies on the same card. If either one of them tanks, the card will drastically lose value. Couple that with the bad cuts on all of the Inception product. Personally, I can't stand looking at a card that looks like it was chewed on by a toddler, and it's not like you can send it in for them to fix. Bottom line - both cards sell about the same right now. Neither will ever really increase, however only the Polamalu will sustain it's value. The dual can only lose.
Ya, im with the other 2, Troy with be a HOF player and has almost no autos out and what if either of those 2 get hurt...
Good trade im thinking if your looking to make some cash i suppose. Newtons are going for huge amounts, its unreal really
and i was just thinking today, "wonder why i never see any troy autos", lol. i would've kept the troy, but that's me. if your happy, that's all that matters. Smile
Sell it Art, these guys are right, you will come out like a bandit right now. I would have kept that Polamalu but it is what it is now. You could unload it, go get another sick Troy AND something else! Just my opinion and we all know what opinions are like! Smile
Yeah you blew it. You traded a HOF player for two rookies who havent even played half a season yet.
Man....tough one.

I would have kept the Polamalu for 1 reason. There are thousands of Cam Autos. How many of Troy? :/
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