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Full Version: Incredible pull
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Here is a card that I pulled out of Upper Deck Champs hockey it was a redemption card for a Museum Piece and in my opinion a Museum Piece it was.....just thought I would share this fantastic card......Thoughts and comments are always welcomed.......
[Image: dino3.jpg]
This Dinosaur is about the equivalent in size to a tyrannosaurus and or slightly larger it's head alone is roughly 5.5'feet in length,total length estimate 39-43.5' feet long,a tooth roughly 8"inches,weight 6 to 15 metric tons,and is 93 to 100 million years my opinion just an incredible specimen Upper Deck out done themselves with this one!
that is cool! how thick is that card?
That is one of the coolest things I have seen today. (Along with the collection on video in the baseball board). Congratulations!

That's amazing!!! Congratulations!
Would you ever be interested in selling it /trading it?
amazing.....looks like something thats edible
congratulations!!!!!!! it sure looks sweet. if you want to sell let me know.
that is gorgeous....damn...and here I am with my mammoth femur...I WANT THAT TOOTH FOR MY SCHOOL COLLECTION Sad
Great card!! I'm a fan of those type of relic cards. Thanks for the photo.
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