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Hey guys, just loaded up some 2011 Allen and Ginter + Bowman Plat into my org. mostly base and refractors but some Subsets, SP, Relics and Auto as well. Everything is negotiable.

Really I just wanna get the ball rolling and start trading, gotta start somehwere Wink

Im always looking for Mets, Twins HOF but really Im hoping to finish my 2011 A&G and need the following cards:

#5 Aroldis Chapman
#32 Dirk Hayhurst

Baseball Highlight Sketches:
#6 Jose Bautista
#16 Dallas Braden

Minds That Made the Future:
#2 Leonardo DaVinci
#3 Eli Whitney
#8 Granville Woods
#11 Tycho Brahe
#16 Marie Curie
#24 Nikola Tesla
#25 Galileo Galilei
#29 Antoine Lavoisier
#32 Robert Koch
#38 George Eastman
#39 Samuel Colt

Thanks and look forward to trading with you all soon.
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