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Full Version: LCS 2011 Finest Break
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I Couldn't resist busting a box of Finest when it came in yesterday at my LCS. Did pretty well, got all of the Braves RCs except for freeman and minor which i will be looking to trade for Smile all of these are FT, I'd want something pretty nice of my Braves for the Pineda. thanks guys!

[Image: 2011finestRCs1.jpg]

Rookies and Inserts
[Image: 2011finestRCs2.jpg]

Refractors and Hits
[Image: 2011finest.jpg]

I also got the following base cards if anyone cares: Starlin Castro, Cole Hamels, Alex Rodriguez, Jon Lester, Joey Votto, Ryan Howard, Hanley Ramirez, Torii Hunter, Nick Markakis, Mike Stanton, Carl Crawford, David Wright, Clay Buccholz, Miguel Cabrera, Jayson Werth, Michael Young, Derek Jeter, Justin Verlander, Cliff Lee, Matt Holliday, Albert Pujols, Tim Lincecum, Chase Utley, Justin Upton, David Price, Evan Longoria, and Paul Konerko.
interested in the Belt, check me for it.
(10-13-2011 12:44 PM)lridgey Wrote: [ -> ]interested in the Belt, check me for it.

Didn't see anything, if you get a Freddie Freeman or Mike Minor RC out of Finest LMK. thanks!
Interested in the Gee
Interested in the Descalso and Pujols, check me, thanks!
(10-13-2011 01:00 PM)86champs Wrote: [ -> ]Interested in the Gee

Thanks for the trade!!!
PM sent re: Jeter.
interested in the Pineda
Not bad
Great Pineda! Can I get in line for trade?
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