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Looking to trade for some Giants and maybe a few A's. I have busted a few boxes over the last couple weeks and have added some refractors and auto's to my Org. Please take a look and lmk if there is anything you want. I really like to trade inserts and base for Giants inserts and base I dont have. looking mostly for current giants and past legends. Here are a few scans there is more in my ORG.

[Image: bowmanplatautos.jpg]

[Image: gypsyqueenrelics.jpg]

[Image: redsox.jpg]

[Image: 2011topps.jpg]

[Image: P1010070.jpg]

[Image: P1010072.jpg]

[Image: MichaelBourn.jpg]
I would like the montero sending you a pm
trade sent
open offer sent
I like the Montero auto i got some giants
(10-12-2011 03:01 PM)fudgie53 Wrote: [ -> ]I like the Montero auto i got some giants

I dont see any listed for trade what do you have value wise comparable to the Montero?
offer sent
(10-12-2011 06:02 PM)john1580 Wrote: [ -> ]offer sent

counter sent
(10-12-2011 07:00 PM)youarebad Wrote: [ -> ]counter sent

i saw you commented, but ddnt get a counter
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