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Josh Beckett cards in my PC! I only need 11 more until I have 100. I want to make a few trades. I am mostly looking for base and inserts at this time. Thanks.
i have beckett gu but looking for gu in return
Check me for your Beckett needs.
I have some Becketts check me see if there are any you need.
Check my photobuckett. I have plenty of Becketts. I hope you have some Ripkens for me in return. Every Beckett i have can be had for Ripken. Please let me know. Thanks...
[Image: Beckett-2004FlairHotNumbersGU.jpg][Image: Beckett-2004FleerSweetSigsSweetStit.jpg]
[Image: Beckett-2004SkyboxJerseygracphics.jpg][Image: Beckett-2004FleerSweetSigsBallparkH.jpg]
[Image: Beckett-2004FleerLegacyFranchiseLeg.jpg][Image: Beckett-2004FleerPatchworksBytheNum.jpg]
[Image: Beckett-2005Fleerpatchworks.jpg]
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