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guys, im not gonna waste your time about selling anymore. the bay has been good to me the last few months and i will stick with it. i am looking to trade all BASE CARDs, SPs, and refractors of just about everything i own. I am not trading autos at this time because the 5 or 6 I kept are personal collection. I have next to nothing left for relic cards but if you find something i have not sold, we can deal. I will not trade any griffey, nomar, or vintage.

I am looking for the following in order: 1956 topps baseball, griffey jr, miguel cabrera, pujols, and any vintage that is in good shape. thanks. send me an offer.
Open offer sent, I have a few 1961 Topps in pretty good shape
trade sent
open trade sent...
check me for any players in my sig
offer sent. I have more where that came from. LMK
when your ready? i still like the pujols and jeters, thanks
offer sent....
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