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Full Version: 2011 Triple Threads
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Well it took me a while to pull the trigger, but i finally bought a box of 2011 triple threads. Cards look awesome and all are for trade. Looking for Yankees in return, especially Cano. Heres what i got

***I wasn't able to find some of them so not all are in org, someone help me out, thanks!***

Felix Hernandez /1500
Pee Wee Reese /1500
Tony Gwynn /1500
Albert Pujols /1500
Ryan Braun /1500
Clayton Kershaw /1500

Reggie Jackson /625
Albert Pujols /625
Ryan Zimmerman /249
Cal Ripken Jr. /99

Pablo Sandoval /25
Larry Walker /18

Campanella/Munson/Mauer /27

Chapman/Sale /50

2010 Triple Threads Catfish Hunter /27

[Image: 2011-10-11_12-27-46_123.jpg]
[Image: 2011-10-11_12-26-29_419.jpg]
[Image: 2011-10-11_12-27-01_89.jpg]
[Image: 2011-10-11_12-26-49_27.jpg]
[Image: 2011-10-11_12-27-57_521.jpg]
check me for the booklet please!!!
(10-11-2011 11:56 AM)BCBASEBALL12 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the booklet please!!!

didn't see anything, sorry
For a Yankee collector, you pulled some cool stuff. Congrats.
check me for the Sandoval!
Check me for the book please
(10-11-2011 12:13 PM)lridgey Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the Sandoval!

didnt see anything
(10-11-2011 02:02 PM)yankees_pride Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the book please

didnt see anything
That Campy card is awesome...minus the Mauer. Nice break!
Sick flame throwers
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