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**Just realize I put this in the wrong spot... Mods: Please move to Trading!!!! Thank you!!**

Hello all thanks for looking!

As most of you know I am always looking for R.A. Dickey cards. Mainly the rarer serial cards and auto cards. There are very few cards that I do not have at all and I'm beginning to think I might not ever find them so any help would be great!

I have decided to give a finders-fee to a person who helps lead me to a SUCCESSFUL PURCHASE OR TRADE of the 2005 Gold Superfractor 1/1 and/or the 2004 UD USA RED Auto. May even consider finder's fees for any of the other 1/1's, plates included.

So help a fellow collector out! Thanks everyone!

Here is my wantlist:

1998 Charlotte Rangers Multi-Ad #6 R.A. Dickey

1999 Tulsa Drillers Team Issue #8 R.A. Dickey

2000 Just Black Black #33 (no serial but only 50 made)

2000 Oklahoma Redhawks Multi-Ad #4 Dickey

2003 Oklahoma RedHawks Multi-Ad #5 R.A. Dickey

2003 Rangers Dr. Pepper #7 R.A. Dickey

2004 Rangers Dr Pepper #11 R.A. Dickey

2004 Topps Total Press Plates

2004 USA Baseball 25th Anniversary Signatures Red Ink #DIC Dickey /10

2004 USA Baseball 25th Anniversary Signatures Blue Ink #DIC Dickey /60 (Have 2 of these)

2004 USA Baseball 25th Anniversary Signatures Black Ink #DIC Dickey /180 (Have 6 of these)

2005 Rangers Dr Pepper Team Issue #16 R.A. Dickey

2005 Topps Black #489 R.A. Dickey /54 (Have 3 of these)

2005 Topps Gold #489 R.A. Dickey /2005 (Have 10 of these)

2005 Topps Chrome Gold Super-Fractors #351 R.A. Dickey 1/1

2005 Topps Chrome Printing Plates

2005 Topps Printing Plates

2005 Topps Total Press Plates Backs

2005 Topps Total Press Plates Fronts

2011 Topps Black Border #66 /60 (Have 6 of these)

2011 Topps Update Hope Diamond #66 /60 (Have 2 of these)

2011 Topps Gold Border #66 /2011 (Have 29 of these)

2011 Topps Red Border #66 /245 Hobby Set Exclusive (Have 1 of these)

2011 Topps Platinum #66 R.A. Dickey 1/1

2011 Topps Canary Diamond #66 Dickey 1/1

2011 Topps Printing Plates

2011 Topps Diamond Embedded 1/1 (Diamond Giveaway has been unlocked)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Leather #155 Dickey /10 (Have three of these)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Dickey Mini Printing Plates /1 (Have the yellow)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Stamp Relic #155 Dickey /10 (Have 1 of these)

2011 Topps Gypsy Queen Dickey Printing Plates /1 (Have the yellow and magenta)
As far as I can tell, I have this one.
2005 Rangers Dr Pepper Team Issue #16 R.A. Dickey

There are no numbers to speak of other than his uniform number (45). He is stareing into the camera with his glove by his chest. One problem, or maybe a good thing, is that I had it signed by him that year.

I'd be looking for current Rangers or Milwaukee Braves inserts.
Awesome news! When I get home I'll see what I can dig up! Thaanksjsut4cards. You have a scan of it by any chance?
Let's see if I remember how.
Attempt 1:
That'll be it!!! Awesome! Like I said, when I get home tonight I'll see what I have to trade for it!! Big Grin
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